High Quality Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Services

Incorporating the four tenants of healthcare for your short-term rehabilitation and long-term care needs.

Each location offers personalized interdisciplinary healthcare plans. Our short-term rehabilitation guests benefit from our “homeward bound” rapid recovery program and, for our long-term care residents, we design an individual plan to address their chronic medical need.

Short-Term Rehabilitation Care

Individual rapid recovery program

Each location incorporates our “homeward bound” rapid recovery program designed to get our guests home “rapidly.” We provide 24-hour licensed nursing care at each Foursquare Healthcare location in addition to on-site physicians and physician extenders to manage the care plans. Our short-term rehabilitation services include:

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy

  • Therapy gyms with specialized equipment to promote recovery and healing

  • Licensed staff available 24/7

  • Post-hospital & post-surgical care

  • Intravenous (IV) services

  • Individualized care plans

  • Therapeutic & special diets

  • Exercise programs

  • Dynamic activity programs

Long-Term Care

Trust us with your loved ones.

Chronic medical conditions can require the quality of continuous care only found in a nursing facility. Our skilled nursing centers provide your loved one with 24-hour professional care in a warm, welcoming home-like ambiance. At each Foursquare Healthcare location you will find a team of skilled clinicians - on-site physicians, physician extenders, physical therapists and occupational therapists - working together to manage each resident’s care plan. Why choose a Foursquare Healthcare facility?

  • Each location is staffed with caring, compassionate, skilled healthcare professionals and employees, many from the area it serves.

  • Each location organizes diverse recreational activities and supportive social services catered to your loved one’ s individual needs.

  • Each location is designed around a unique history of the town to provide an additional connection with our residents and the community.

  • We’ve added special amenities with our families in mind, such as, free WiFi, a coffee bar, a 24-hour snack bar, and outside areas for grandkids to play and families to gather.

  • Pet visitations are welcome and encouraged.

Long term Care and Rehabilitation

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Individual interdisciplinary plans

Using the latest in proven therapeutic techniques, we design an interdisciplinary rehabilitation plan for each guest that includes many of the following services and more:

  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy 

  • IV therapy

  • Bi-paps, c-paps, hydrocollator and cryotherapy

  • State-of-the-art equipment 

  • Short-wave diathermy 

  • Electronic stimulation and ultrasound


Managing medications

Our pharmacists’ work with our skilled nursing team to manage each guest’s medications to ensure the proper dosage is prepared for the guest’s existing medications as well as any new medications. We encourage all guests to complete a Medication Record prior to checking in. To facilitate the guests’ continuation of care, upon discharge we inform the guest’s primary care physician of any new medications.